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FAQ- What's the parking like for scooters?


FAQ- What's the parking like for scooters?

Our Answer: Better than trying to find a spot with a car.

Parking in Iowa City is typically a headache and requires strategic planning, (which is the reason our company was started) but the short answer is that a scooter is a registered and plated vehicle so it should be able to park wherever a car can, as long as all traffic laws are being followed.

So, if you can find a free parking spot around Iowa City, you should be able to park your scooter there. **Side Note: If you squeeze in between two cars, expect your scooter to be knocked over or moved.** 

The other option you have is to grab a moped/motorcycle parking pass from the University Parking and Transportation office, the City of Iowa City, or both. The University pass is $14 a month as of today (price may change, don't use this post as a hard and fast rule) and it is around $90 for the year for a city pass (same rule applies here). There are different types of spots, city vs. university, mixed around campus and in the city, and the way you tell is to look for a sign that'll specify whether the parking spots are for the city pass or the university's.


Above is a link to the University of Iowa parking map that has the locations of their moped/motorcycle parking areas, and below is a link to the university's motorcycle parking guide which includes safety tips and rate information.


FINAL ADVICE: Choose where you park wisely. If you don't feel like you should park there, you probably shouldn't... And always park in the lines, otherwise you will get ticketed or even towed.

Check out this video we made about getting around Iowa City on a scooter.